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  • Contact person:
    Luisa Bonomi
  • Telephone:
    +39 030 84067
  • Mail:
  • Cellphone:
  • Fax:
    +39 03084132

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The factory, directed by Bonomi Bernardo, began his activity after the 2nd world war, and was firstly specialized in knives and cutting tools polishing. His sons has expanded the factory: in the early 60s they began to produce and sell kitchen tools with their own mark. In 1972 the factory definitely moved in Gombio di Polaveno in Val Trompia.
Bonomi is still focused in R&D, in order to find new and more sophisticated models and materials that can satisfy customers.
The factory is now leaded by the third generation of Bonomi family; it is a leader factory for kitchen tools and, thanks to the long experience, keeps on searching and projecting new models, in order to open its market in the world.



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