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Company introduction

Lux LED lighting is a company that specialized in lighting industry. Despite the recent birth, Lux LED lighting has its roots in society and people who lived through the history of the LEDs; for technicians with thirty years of experience during which marked significant milestones in the evolution of this technology. The first display, realized in 1981; the backlit signs of 1996; the large screens used in sporting events and entertainment.
The history of the LED is our history; It began in 1981 when personal computers were still a matter of a few but the LEDs were already "old" of 19 years. In those days, the only colors available were red and green and with these we have created the first signs for promotions in supermarkets and the first electronic display for bus stops. With the evolution of technology, we passed the big screens, for television sets and later, in the late '80s, with the appearance of the yellow LED, we have developed the first panels of information to urban and motorway traffic. In the early 90s, a hitherto known only in the phosphors world, we talk about NICHIA, created the blue LED high brightness. The arrival of the blue has revolutionized the LED market because, together with the red and the green, made it possible to create the pixel full color to attain large video screens. For another, we probably first in the world, we had already done a few years earlier, using red and green LED and a blue lamp gas discharge.
The blue LED has laid the foundation for the development of the white LED that is nothing more than a blue LED on which they are deposited phosphors.
Here, too, probably first in the world, because we had done in 1996 backlit traffic signs panels with white LED light, of course obtained with the use of LEDs RGB; those curious can see them still, working, in Brescia, after over 160,000 hours of work.
From these experiences and after having manipulated a hundred million LED was born the idea of Lux LED lighting.
Lux LED lighting is therefore not an improvisation, born of the opportunities the market today
It offers the LED in lighting, but the evolution of a project that began more than thirty years ago, '.
Our propensity to continuous research; we introduced the current control microprocessor and then the autodimmer; the constant flow control and variable power (rather than the opposite, as do all since Edison invented the light bulb).
Then again, the current compensation / temperature, wireless control and silicone lenses, the front and not the back dissipation, like everyone else! Our reality in the LED lighting field is still small but already we have exceeded 10,000 units in the road and the same industry, in addition to several thousand in the pools / gardens. with a significant growth trend and continuous.

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