• Company name:VIGNA BELVEDERE
  • Company type:Manufacturer
  • Type of activity:wine, champagne
  • Contact person:Elisabetta Cicchellero Fracca
  • Company number:+39 0434 1702239
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  • E-mail:info@vignabelvedere.it
  • Company address:Via Belvedere 8 - 33087 Pasiano Di Pordenone (PN) - Italy
  • Website:http://www.vignabelvedereprosecco.it/



Company introduction

OUR STORY The Vigna Belvedere estate, with cool streams of water marking its boundaries, is pleasantly set between the lagoon of Venice and the Carnic Alps, in the Province of Pordenone, region of Friuli Venezia Giulia (North East of Italy). The farm boasts a longstanding family ownership and a deeply rooted tradition of farming based on the respect for nature and the environment. The present owner-manager, Elisabetta, supported by her son Andrea, planted new vineyards with the introduction of a more modern approach to viticulture, paying greater attention to the health and life of the vine, to ensure a production of better quality. This recently planted vineyard covers 10 hectares, with both white and red grapes, and 7 more hectares are planted with Glera vines, selected to produce the Prosecco DOC (Registered Designation of Origin). The wine Prosecco Vigna Belvedere, both Extra Dry and Brut, is produced using the Charmat Method, where the secondary, long and slow fermentation, brought about by added yeasts, takes place in stainless steel tanks, to then be passed directly to the bottle, under controlled pressure.

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