• Company name:X- Tech Sport Design
  • Company type:Manufacturer,Wholesale,Business services
  • Type of activity:Sport clothing
  • Contact person:Ragnoni Samuele
  • Company number:+39 030 6897553
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  • E-mail:info@xtechsport.it
  • Company address:Via Italia, 1 – 25080 Paitone (BS)
  • Website:http://www.xtechsport.it/



Company introduction

A strong bond with the origins and a constant attention to the future. For over 35 years Xtech had produced technical garments able to satisfy even the most demanding sport needs. All began in 1981 with the production of an already advanced sock for those times and then, over the years, the company began to produce seamless underwear with a wide range of accessories. The goal was always clear: creating “quality” through “innovation”.
Sport constantly changes, as well as science, and the equipment cannot be exempt from this continuous transformation. While health and safety are essential for every athlete, every sport has different needs. For this reason, X-tech proposes specific models for each type of sport.
No future without change, it is at the beginning of the evolutionary cycle. The secret is to change while remaining yourself by improving your own potential.
The X-tech revolution is in the ability to learn from the know-how of the family history, keeper of the traditional art of Italian weaving, with the aim of realizing the best product in the future.
Through a meticulous attention to production, to details and a constant research, X-tech always ensures maximum comfort and performance.
In the new headquarters of Paitone (BS), built respecting the environment, the machinery is constantly renewed, the yarns used meet the tests for harmful substances and the high technology developed in the laboratories has created two innovative fibers: X Pro and XDRY.
Nothing has been left to chance and every single finished product is cutting edge and highly performed. An innovative way of thinking about manufacturing is necessary to ensure that the excellence of Made in Italy become part of each X-tech product.

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